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Thursday, 3 May 2018

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City: Gold Coast, Queensland
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Contact name Brent McMonagle
Phone 07 5539 2399

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Dr Brent McMonagle Graduate at the University of Queensland Medical School 1996 and underwent advanced surgical training in ENT surgery in the three known hospitals in Brisbane and received his surgical fellowship 13 years ago. He also took additional training in the inmost the hospitals in Sydney, Adelaide, and London at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Queen Square and King’s College Hospital the Hospitals known as the areas of advanced ear surgery, cochlear implantation, lateral skull base surgery, paediatric ENT surgery, advanced sinus surgery, and endoscopic skull base surgery. Dr Brent McMonagle is highly trained and has extensive experience in all areas of ENT surgery.

Special Skills in:

• Otology (especially exostoses, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, ossiculoplasty, bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implantation
• Neurotology (including balance and facial nerve disorders
• Lateral skull base surgery (such as acoustic neuromas
• Advanced sinus surgery (including frontal sinus procedures
• Endoscopic skull base surgery (such as pituitary tumours and CSF leaks
• Head and neck surgery (especially salivary gland and sinonasal tumours
• Paediatric ENT surgery otitis media & obstructive sleep apnoea

Condition Treated:

• Hearing loss
• Tinnitus
• Balance disorders
• Otitis media
• Exostoses
• Myringoplasty
• Cholesteatoma
• Mastoidectomy
• Otosclerosis
• Stapedectomy
• Ossiculoplasty
• Cochlear implants
• Bone-anchored hearing aids
• Facial palsy
• Parotidectomy
• Acoustic neuroma
• Allergic rhinitis
• Nasal trauma
• Nasal obstruction
• Epistaxis (nosebleeds
• Sinusitis
• Nasal polyposis
• Endoscopic sinus surgery
• Pituitary tumours
• CSF leaks
• Tonsillitis
• Snoring
• Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
• Salivary gland
• Salivary gland disease

Advance Equipment:

• Smart Piston( Olympus Medical Systems Corporation
• Shepard Ventilation Tube( Olympus Medical Systems Corporation
• Nerve Integrity Monitor with permission by Medtronic, Inc.
• Nucleus 6 Sound Processor( Cochlear, Australia
• Coblation Evac 70 Wand( Smith and Nephew, USA
• Baha 5 Attract System( Cochlear, Australia
• Nucleus Cochlear Implant System( Cochlear, Australia
• Stealth Fusion Image Guidance System with permission by Medtronic, Inc.

He established a bone anchored hearing aid(Baha) and cochlear implants program in Gold Coast, Ballina including Coffs Harbour and more. He also introduced image guidance surgery for endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery to the Gold Coast. Dr Brent is the first who performs a first Baha operation and the cochlear implant in Gold Coast.

If you have been thinking to make an inquiry, you can use and fill up the form on their site. One of his staff will get in touch and assist you. Dr Brent office is Monday - Thursday 8 am to 5 pm, Friday 8 am to 4 pm. You can also call them at 07 5539 2399. Visit www.drbrentmcmonagle.com.au for further details. Contact Dr Brent McMonagle today!